Principal Investigator


Richard Roy Ph.D.

Department of Biology

Research Assistant


Shaolin Li M.Sc.

Shaolin joined the Roy lab as a Master student. After he finished his degree, he remained in the lab as a research assistant. He is particularly interested in how AMPK regulates L1 worm diapause, as well as new lab techniques to improve experimental efficiency.

Graduate Students

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Christopher Wong

Ph.D. student

Christopher completed his B.Sc. in biochemistry at McGill University. He joined the Roy lab in January 2018 as an undergraduate student and is continuing his research as a Ph.D. student. His project focuses on how the neurons regulate the germ line during the dauer stage in AMPK-deficient C. elegans.


McLean Sherrin

M.Sc. student

McLean completed his B.Sc. in Biochemistry at McGill University. He joined the Roy lab in September 2019 as a M.Sc. student. He is interested in how AMPK prevents genomic instability following starvation-induced L1 diapause and R-loop establishment and maintenance.

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Sabih Rashid

Ph.D. student

Sabih completed his Master’s degree in Biochemistry at McMaster University. He joined the Roy lab in September 2019 as a Ph.D. student. His project focuses on understanding how AMPK regulates small RNAs during the dauer stage. In particular, he is interested in how AMPK interacts with components of RNA interference pathways during the dauer stage, how changes in small RNA populations impact fertility and health in AMPK-deficient worms, and how these effects are transgenerationally inherited.


Elena Jurczak

Ph.D. Student

Elena completed her B.Sc. in Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University and joined the Roy Lab as an undergraduate student in the winter of 2020. She is continuing her research as a PhD student, studying the role of AMPK in regulating the dynamics of small RNA homeostasis and germ stem cell integrity during the dauer stage of C. elegans.

Undergraduate Students

Previous Lab Members

Arindam Das M.Sc.
Jocelynn Brigido M.Sc.
Jesus Arellano M.Sc.
Pratik Kadekar Ph.D.
Bing Sun Post.Doc.
Sebastian Schmeisser BfR
Moloud Ahmadi Ph.D.
Meng Xie Ph.D.
Yu Lu Ph.D.
Julie Mantovani IRIC
Emilie Demoinet IBDC-Valrose
Nathan Navidsadeh M.Sc.
Rita Chaouni M.Sc.
Anna Kaszanets M.Sc.
Emilie Wendland M.Sc.
Chris St. Francois M.Sc.
Eileen Colella M.Sc.
Michael Hebeisen Ph.D.
Patrick Narbonne Ph.D.
Jimmy Ouellet Ph.D.
Dae Young Kim Ph.D.
Ivana Kostic M.Sc.
Shaolin Li M.Sc.